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We have an extensive amount of experience writing Business Plans for business owners and investors all over Australia as well as Canada and the United States.

Plans can be tailored to the clients individual needs and requirements. When sourcing funding for a start up business or development of an existing business banks will request to see a Business Plan.

Other occasions where one is required is upon licensing for a tradesman, venture capital, investor interest in a business or for other funding options. We can cater to all of these.

Each business plan package comes on offer includes as many edits as you need to have a final copy that you are proud of. One bound printed copy, a PDF copy and an editable word copy will be provided to you.

Simply call 03 9738 0069 and we can get the ball rolling. Once you have registered your interest a questionnaire will be sent to you to ascertain your requirements and then we will phone you for a consultation. We will then prepare a draft and have it emailed to you within 48 hours (standard plans).


These plans are usually 10-15 pages in length and detail the new business, your goals, the management team, the SWOT analysis and more. Usually used for new businesses that are seeking funding from banks. 


These plans are usually 10-20 pages and detail the history of the business and its plans for growth in the future. Usually required by businesses seeking extra capital for expansion. 


Plans are available for builders, electricians and plumbers that are seeking licensing and registration and these are between 10-15 pages in length and detail the proposed business as well as its cash flow projections for the next three years.  Extras on offer above the standard plans include a financials segment or marketing segment. We can tailor plans to all of clients needs and budgets. 


This will include a details profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow projections and can include a break even analysis and asset register. 


Dependant on your business you may want to consider this extra as it will show your bank or funding source that you have researched your market and have a plan for targeting and implementation.

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